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“Various functions and greater capacity!”

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Metro (CHP-04A)

• Micom-control System
• UV Cycle System
• 3 Preset Water Temp
• Hot Water Safety Faucet
• Advanced Micro-dust Filtering System

Outright Purchase at RM4,200
Rental at only RM130/month*

Features :

1x1.trans - Metro
Micom Control System
To deliver the best possible quality water to our customers, a special Micom Controller system is monitoring the whole water purification process at all times.
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Two-way Overflow Prevention
A safety block function using twin air bladders prevents overflow.
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UV Cycle System
Prevents microorganism caused by second contamination, by circulating the treated water inside the storage tank periodically.
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Three Preset Water Temperatures
The operation status of the purifier, including water temperature, can be easily checked.
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Floor-Standing Design and Large Capacity Detachable Waterspout
The large capacity of water tank able to fulfill the needs for large amount of water additionally the detachable waterspout satisfy the need to extract large amount of water for cooking or outdoor uses.
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Air-tight Tank
Separated air-tight structure perfectly prevents the secondary contamination to be caused by foreign materials such as dust, bug, and etc.
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Hot Water Safety Faucet
A safety device has been added to the hot water faucet to prevent burns caused by hot water.
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Advanced Micro-dust Filtering System
By adopting microdust filter right in front of the water tank, the amount of micro-dust flows into the tank is minimized which can ensure all time clean and fresh water.
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Integrated Overflow Sensor
Integrated overflow sensor units detect abnormal status of the system such as “Main Tank Overflow”, “Leakage from Filters and Tube”, and leakages from other wetted parts as well as block the inflow of the water.
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Automatic Over Cooling / Over Heating Temperature Control
The cooling systems work only when the water contains enough water. Micom controller monitors the water level and controls the cooling and heating mechanism to protect the system from the damage caused by overcooling and overheating.
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Energy Saving
1st grade of Energy Saving grade in Korea Ministry of Industry & Resources.
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Easy Operation with Changeover Faucet
Cold or Ambient water is delivered at your finger tip by a simple rotation of the selection knob.
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